We provide the finest food and gourmet delicacies certified products including halal, kosher, Kobe meat, organic produce and gluten–free products 24/7 offering premium service.

  • Fish and Seafood

    We supply the finest fish local, fresh .We’ll defy time and tide to bring you the best of them all.

  • MEAT

    Fresh or cured, from farm, field or forest, our experts select and supply the world’s finest artisan meats products. Traditional methods, Kosher and Halal.


    We are able to deliver fine fruit and vegetables from local and international markets, and direct from growers, ensuring exceptional quality.


    Our vast range of groceries lets you cater to your guests’ every whim and desire, whether sweet or savoury, from breakfast time to the wee small hours.


    We can provide you with all your ingredients, from simple seasonings to exotic specialities, for whatever dishes and culinary styles your imagination can conjure. Authentic flavours, for the true professional.

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