About us

Smeralda Food Yacht Supplies provide the world’s finest foods to Super Yachts and Villas around Sardinia, from the everyday to the exotic, we select our provisions on the basis of taste, authenticity and consistency. You can order from us confident you’ll receive superlative ingredients, and exemplary service, every time.

Smeralda food is the only yachts & villas food supplier in Sardinia since 1993.


Our mission is sourcing and delivering top quality products , in a short time, knowing that the superyacht owners and their guests are accustomed to demanding and receiving the very best of everything. Our logistic expertise are able to prepare and package provisions in our stores timely and smoothly, to the standards you require. We supply Mega Yachts and Villas since 1993.

Vito Poma
Roberta Poma
Managing Director